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Dr. Shosh's Parenting Classes

This is the only training created and approved by Dr. Shosh! 

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I'm 100% Committed To Your Success!

If you are not satisfied with my courses for any reason, I am happy to give you your money back (as long as you consume the content, implement my suggestions, and complete all the required information within the 30-day time period).

Dr. Shosh is a leader in this field and is confident she can help any mother bounce back into recovery. With her results-driven and proven methods, she is 100% committed to the success of the caretaker, and to the overall well-being of families dealing with this debilitating condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression?

If you make a mistake, the consequences can be serious for the baby as well as the mother and rest of her family. Knowing the basics can make all the difference. That's why Dr. Shosh goes over all the basics in the

Basic Support Membership, which helps you:

  • Differentiate between moods that are expected as opposed to what requires professional intervention
  • Learn tools to assess whether you or someone else is experiencing a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder
  • Hear questions to ask her that will help make it clear if a disorder is present
  • Understand what steps to take if help is needed
  • Identify new father depression which can be different from mom depression
  • Avoid doing or saying the “wrong” things
  • Recover from PPD (and related disorders) and prevent future postpartum mental health challenges
  • Know specifics about sleep and nutrition for recovery that aren’t taught anywhere else
What are the most crucial topics affecting new parents and newborn care providers at this pivotal stage?

From myths, expectations, sleeping, eating and emotional support, Dr. Shosh addresses the most crucial topics affecting new parents and newborn care providers at this pivotal stage of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and beyond, which is why she goes over all of these topics in depth in her Parent+ Membership, which helps you:

  • Understand the myths and fantasies of parenthood early on so you can address them with ease and care
  • Know the crucial conversations that need to be discussed to properly manage wishes and expectations
  • Learn how to address loss of appetite and best foods to eat during recovery
  • Find out best sleeping patterns and night duty practices
  • Set realistic goals around exercise and getting the proper amount of endorphins
  • Understand best ways to provide physical support and create a structured plan to work with
  • Identify spectrum of emotional moods and reactions during pregnancy and postpartum so you know who is at risk and what to do about it
How have others recovered 100% from postpartum depression?

With proper help, recovery from perinatal illness will happen - not just feeling better, but all the way better. Best of all, your new 100% can be better than it ever was before. Hearing others who are going through the same feelings and experiences is very helpful. That's why Dr. Shosh created an eBook that you can download. Clients have found Dr. Shosh's Inner Circle to be extremely helpful with all aspects of this condition, which gives you access to:

  • All Basic Support & Parenthood+ Benefits
  • Dr. Shosh's Inner Circle Hour - Ask questions, hear stories & connect with the community
  • Special 'Invite Only' Events
  • The Dr. Shosh Podcast & Radio Show Library - packed with invaluable advice and inspiring content
How can I tell if mommy of the baby needs to see a professional for her depression?

Dr. Shosh always recommends seeing a professional if the mild symptoms of Baby Blues lasts for more than a couple of weeks following delivery or if the feelings are intense, even right from the beginning.  

Professional help from a healthcare provider may be crucial to the success and recovery of a new parent and family.

I did not have the baby and yet, I feel I'm having PPD symptoms. Is this normal?

From Newborn Care Providers, Fathers, Grandparents, Friends and loved ones, you may feel some of the symptoms that moms with PPD experience. If you are experiencing these feelings, Dr. Shosh suggests seeking professional help from a healthcare provider, ideally one with specialized training in perinatal mental health. No one should suffer with pain and anxiety and there are practical solutions you can start implementing right away.

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