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Real People, Real Results

I work very closely with my clients to help them get their desired results.

Happy Clients

"Thank you..."

"I continue using the tools you taught me to handle some challenging situations! Just wanted you to know how much I still appreciate everything you did for me!"


"I can be a mom now..."

"I was depressed, anxious and became suicidal after having my daughter. After working with Dr. Shosh I began to feel like a mom again instead of feeling nothing."

Michelle H.

"I love the Inner Circle..."

"Dr. Shosh’s Support Group helped me in so many ways. I was blessed to be a part of her inner circle when I was going through that time period in my life.."

Laurie G.

"Love your writing..."

"I just wanted to tell you that your book is perfect! I’m enjoying reading it and it is making things so much more clear. Thanks again – you have been wonderful and amazing! "


"Feeling in charge..."

"Dr. Shosh has shown me the benefits of positive thinking and of believing in myself so that I am able to control my anxiety and depression. This helps reinforce the fact that I am a capable woman, mother, and person."

Elizabeth N.

"I feel safe..."

"With a proactive tone in her voice and a way of lending validity to what I was experiencing, she instantly made me feel comfortable and safe."

Michelle W.

"Client for life..."

Dr. Shosh’s help was invaluable when I was going through PPD, and now, she’s helping me get back on track through Menopause! She really does have a vast level of experience I couldn’t find anywhere else. Thank you so much Dr. Shosh!


"You inspire me..."

"Dr. Shosh gave me the roadmap for survival. Now I give back to women who suffer like I did. I take calls once a week on the Postpartum Stressline.

Tammy V.

"I'm more confident..."

"I don’t always have the right answers for my clients dealing with PPD, which is why as a doula, Dr. Shosh’s mentoring program has been incredibly valuable to me. It’s given me the confidence I need to identify the signs and symptoms to take the necessary next steps for the families I care for."


"It's been amazing working with you for the past few months..."

"I want to tell you that it's been amazing working with you for the past few months. You have helped me soo much more than you can ever know. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life. Honestly, if it wasn't for you I am sure that I would have ended up checked into the hospital and who knows what else"


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