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What's Your New Parent Readiness Score?

Helping Families and Newborn Care Providers transform their crisis and emerge happier and healthier than ever before!  

- Dr. Shosh, Author, Speaker and Perinatal Mental Health Pioneer

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With proper help, recovery from perinatal illness will happen - not just feeling better, but all the way better. Best of all, your new 100% can be better than it ever was before.


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What My Clients Say

"I simply wish to thank you for all that you are"

"I simply wish to thank you for all that you are. Yes, you provide a professional service. But, you do so with genuine compassion, foresight and intelligence. Because of this and you, I have truly grown. Life doesn’t get easier, but I have certainly learned how to breathe through even the toughest of times."


"I love Dr. Shosh!"

"Thank you! Thank you! Just thank you! I could go into a thousand details about how everything has been wonderful, but I won't. You've got important work to be doing with the other mommas who need you. Just please know that I will never forget what you've done for me, and I can't ever thank you enough." 

Erin Becker, PhD

"I will pray women who are lost will find you..."

"I feel mentally and emotionally better thanks to you. More centered and in touch with my true self... I can't thank you enough for being there when I needed someone to reassure me that I'm ok. You appeared in my life just when I needed you and I am very grateful to you. Thank you again for your help Dr. Shosh"


Books By Dr. Shosh

Childhood Healing

Children of the Depressed: Healing the Childhood Wounds That Come from Growing Up with a Depressed Parent 

My 3 Step Process


Strategic Plan

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